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Cassandra & Melissa's Fall Nuptials in Florida

October 1st 2016

Orlando, Florida

Cassandra and Melissa met through mutual friends in 2010 at Pulse in Orlando. Cassandra says it was love at first sight. “I went home that night and cried because I couldn’t find her on Facebook. That’s how obsessed I was.” They did finally find each other, and after four years of dating Melissa proposed to Cassandra at the most magical place on earth, “Disney World!” Melissa also made sure that all of Cassandra’s friends and family were there holding signs that said, “Will you marry me?” Cassandra says it was perfect, and adds with a laugh: “Melissa even packed a cute outfit for me so I would look good in the pictures.”

On their wedding day the brides were both escorted down the aisle by their dads and their moms walked together carrying a sign that said, “Here come the brides.”

Wedding Song: “A Thousand Years” (instrumental)

The brides had a first dance that was a mash-up of a few songs.

Cassandra’s Favorite Moment: “Seeing Melissa standing at the altar waiting for me to walk down.”

Melissa’s Favorite Moment: “Seeing Cassandra walk down the aisle.”

The brides had a blast and say that the only thing they would change would be going back and adding more hours to the day so they could have kept the party going. Melissa and Cassandra both add that the tragedy at Pulse was a reminder of how lucky they are to have met there, and serves as proof that love will always win.

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