Inspiration for the Modern Lesbian Bride


2brides2be is a wedding resource for the modern lesbian bride: The bride who exudes youth and style no matter what her age, who doesn’t see her same-sex wedding as unusual but sees it as extraordinary, and who believes that she can have it all; including a chic and romantic wedding and the support of her community. 2brides2be features the latest trends in wedding related content while putting our lesbian brides at the forefront of wedding planning. Our readers are inspired by burlap and lace, gowns of every color, unique fashion trends, and a seamless marriage between rebellion and tradition. Above all, our readers want to feel inspired as they prepare to say “I do.”

The site exists to inspire and enlighten not only brides to be, but all women who love all things weddings. 2brides2be should, above all, celebrate the love between two women, but should be inclusive of all couples and help cultivate the ideas of any woman looking for that special spark that ignites her deepest Joie de Vivre when it comes to planning her wedding.

Planning my wedding was one of the best experiences of my life. My wife Sam and I enjoyed every aspect of the planning process, but I had two glaring realizations along the way: First, I felt neglected by the mainstream bridal publications I so loved. Second, all of our wonderful family and friends were incredibly curious about our wedding and many of them felt silly asking questions like, “What will you both be wearing?” 2Brides2Be is the resolution.

2Brides2Be began as a blog. I shared my wedding planning journey and let others in on the process of this mysterious “Lesbian Wedding.” As the blog grew and I heard from more and more brides I knew I wasn’t alone in my quest for resources. Now we have a place to share our stories, ask questions and revel in the beauty that is a 2Bride wedding.